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First Grader Beaten Because Hes Muslim

A first grade Pakistani Boy Living In North Carolina Is beaten on school bus by school children because he's Muslim

Abdul Aziz Usmani
Abdul Aziz Usmani, Facebook

Parents of a seven-year-old school boy have left the US after their son faced severe beatings on a school bus by a group of students because he was Muslim and of Pakistani origin.

Dr. Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani, the father of the child, posted an image of his son, Abdul Aziz Usmani, on Facebook wearing a sling on his arm, he writes "Welcome to the United States of America of Donald Trump. Meet my son Abdul Aziz. He is in grade 1, bullied and beaten by his own classmates in the school bus for being a Muslim".

The attack by the gang of school children occurred on Friday 8th October and left Abdul Aziz with a sprained arm.

38-year-old, Zeeshan-ul-hassan, a computer scientist, who lives in Cary, North Carolina, spoke to BuzzFeed News about his son's attack on his way back from Weatherstone Elementary School, he said,"These are six and seven-year-old kids calling him names, with one kid punching him in the face, while two other kids attacked him, kicked him, and held his arms back,".

The school released a statement regarding the incident, "[The principal] interviewed seven students sitting near this child, and none of the students, nor the bus driver, witnessed any type of altercation or incident,".

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) called for an investigation of an alleged assault towards the Muslim schoolboy. CAIR wrote a letter to Wake County Public School System Superintendent Dr. James Merrillm to urge him to begin the investigation into the alleged racial and religious bullying. An excerpt from the letter read,  “The report of this alleged attack comes at a time of increasing bullying of Muslim students nationwide. We urge you to investigate this disturbing incident and to take appropriate actions based on the results of that investigation. All students, regardless of faith or ethnicity, must feel safe in their learning environment.”

Since the incident on Friday, Zeeshan has decided to move his wife and three sons back to Pakistan.