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College Removes Hijabi From Exam Because Her Ears Aren't Visible

A headscarf-wearing student has been removed from her exam after refusing to remove her hijab past her ears after she was requested

College de Maisonneuve
College de Maisonneuve, Google Street View

An unnamed, hijab-wearing student was removed from partaking in her biology exam after she refused the request of her male teacher to remove part of her hijab when she underwent the exam.

The incident occurred two weeks ago in College de Maisonneuve, a french speaking, public pre-university and technical college located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

School spokeswoman Line Legare made an official statement regarding the incident and said that the young headscarf-wearing student was approached by her male biology teacher and asked to remove part of her hijab, so he could see whether she was wearing headphones or not. The Hijabi refused her teachers demand as she did not want to show her male teacher her ears.

She opted for the teacher to touch her ears, so he could identify if there were any headphones but the teacher denied the hijabi's request, as he felt uncomfortable doing so.

The Hijabi was then denied participating in the exam by the teacher.

The student did not file a formal complaint against the school but rather decided to come to a new agreement. Line Legare said, "She and the professor met to discuss the situation and how in the future they might function differently not to hurt the student, not to create unrest".

The school is currently discussing with the student, to find a new date for her to take the biology exam.

The school has not reported of any further complaints of hijab-wearing students completing exams whilst wearing headscarves.