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How To Adapt Your Summer Hijab Styles For Autumn

Sarah Ghanem from Modanisa gives some tips on how you could pull off that Summer hijab in the Autumn


As the air starts to cool down, it’s clear that the long summer months are about to close. With autumn soon approaching, many fashionistas are putting away their bright, floral prints and lighter layers.

This is a shame, since there have been some fantastic designs unveiled recently, including some stunning Muslim dresses during this year’s Eid-ul-Adha celebrations. It’s no wonder then that many people simply don’t have the bank balance now to completely rehaul their wardrobe.

However, who’s to say you have to pack your entire summer collection away? Here are some easy, effective ways to reuse your summer hijab outfits for the new season!

Darker Hues To Floral Prints

Add Darker Hues To Floral Prints

For summer outfits, the standard strategy is to pair various jackets, pants, skirts and other items with lighter colours. While this works for in the warmest months, you should do the opposite for autumn.

Take your summer prints and combine them with something much darker. Leather items provide great contrast, so try mixing a biker jacket with a floral dress, or even some leather boots to an existing outfit. This removes some of the sweet, gentle aesthetics of summer, adding the tougher, darker look the fall season is known for.

Add Warmth To Summer Dresses

When it came to stylish design, this year was all about Banana Republic’s summer dresses and you likely have one or two of these hanging in their wardrobe right now. Why not combine these midi dresses with knee-high boots? If you choose something in the same colour as your dress, your outfit will help to make you look taller and slimmer.

Similarly, replace your kimono cardigans with larger, knitted designs. These will protect you from the cold winds. To avoid losing your visible figure under heavy materials a waist belt will help redefine your shape. Just be sure to choose something thick and chunky, as it needs to work over tough, knitted layers.

Use Bright Colours To Contrast Against The Foliage

Use Bright Colours To Contrast Against The Foliage

In summer, it’s easy to wear as many bright colours as your heart desires - people simply don’t question it. In the autumn, you have to be a little more moderate but warm colours can still work. In fact, they can have a positive influence on your mood!

Try wearing some vibrant summer colours, like yellow, with a dark, black top. As a final touch, try a neutral coloured accessory, such as a blazer, to further balance the tones.

You can also add a few more autumn accessories to these ensembles to get the best, season-appropriate look. Once again, it’s hard to overestimate the power of a leather jacket, as this adds the tough, edgy aesthetic that your summer outfits lack. You can also try a circle scarf - as well as your hijab, of course - in earthy, warm to tones.

Get The Most From Your Maxi

Who doesn’t love a maxi skirt in the summer? Aside from being comfortable to wear in the hot weather, they’re easy to combine with other items. In the autumn, however, you should move away from lightweight layers and pair your skirts with a knitted jumper. This can then be layered with a utility jacket for a clean, organised look.

Of course, the fall is no time for light footwear so, while those beautiful boho-chic sandals work well with your maxi, now you should wear ankle boots in leather, of course, and other accessories with natural, earthy colours and hues.

Make An Impact With Coloured Jeans And Pants

Make An Impact With Coloured Jeans And Pants

Coloured pants and jeans are great items to have in the summer but, if you’re not ready to store them away until next year, pair these up with some darker tops. Of course, you can also choose a hijab with a much darker colour, as this will tone down the vibrancy of your pants. Again, it can’t be stressed how useful a leather jacket and a pair of boots are. Not only do these help mute the loud colours, they also provide the rough aesthetic that is popular this autumn.


While there is some great Muslim clothing for women available this season, there’s really no need to hide your summer style away just yet. Try looking at individual pieces and see how you can transform these for autumn or perhaps even winter. If you’re willing to experiment and be a little creative, you can easily pull together fantastic new outfits from your existing collection. If you know how to include them in your autumn style, you can easily get plenty of more use out of your favourite summer pieces.

About the author:

Sarah is a hijabista and fashion consultant at Modanisa. She is really keen on modern, yet modest Islamic wear for women, and she’s always trying out new hijab trends and styles.