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Homemade Bomb Explodes At German Mosque

Two homemade bombs exploded in Germany on Monday, one was planted outside of a mosque

Dresden Mosque
Fatih Mosque, Fatih Moschee Dresden/Facebook

Two bombs exploded in the eastern German city of Dresden. Late night on Monday 26th September Fatih Mosque was the first to be struck by a homemade bomb. The other bomb was detonated a little while later outside of an international conference centre.

No one was injured at either of the locations, the Imam and his family were inside of the mosque at the time of the explosion but managed to escape uninjured. The door of the mosque felt the full force of the explosion as it was pushed the other way. The mosque's entrance was left covered in soot.

The second explosion at the international conference centre exploded moments later causing a bar at a nearby hotel to be evacuated.

The bombs are suspected to have been planted by far-right, anti-Islam groups, as president of Dresden police, Horst Kretzschmar, said in a statement "Even if we so far have no claim of responsibility, we must go on the basis that the motive was xenophobic,”.

The police were ordered to protect other mosques in the city.

Since the explosion members of the local community have shown support to Muslim residents in the city and have attended a vigil outside of the Mosque.