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Christian Landlord To Take Islam Classes After Assault

A Christian landlord has been ordered by the court to take Islam classes after pushing her tenant down the stairs

Somerville Court
Somerville Court, Google Street View

In 2012 Obi Daisy, in her 70's, pushed her Muslim tenant, Gihan Suliman, down the stairs in her home in Somerville, Massachusetts. Obi was arrested and has faced justice at Somerville District Court, she has been charged and convicted of assault and battery.

Obi Daisy, a Christian minister from Nigeria has been dubbed the 'Landlord from hell' after her arrest and her Muslim tenant's story broke out. Gihan Suliman moved in with her husband and five children in an apartment of Obi's multi-family home in April 2012. It was heard in court that Obi would shout anti-Islamic epithets towards Gilhan and her children a few days prior to the assault.

A few days after hearing the offensive words towards Muslims, Obi pushed Gihan, mother of five, 15-20 feet down a flight of stairs. Gilhan received a cut on her lip and an injury to her shoulder during the fall. 

Mrs. Suliman has expressed that she has felt  “deep physical impact” since the assault and she has less trust in people.

Obi Daisy has since been convicted and sentenced to six months in Middlesex County House of Corrections as well as to  complete an introductory class on Islam. Ms Daisy will have to let her future tenants know, in writing, of her previous convictions.