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Muslim Woman Tourist Set Alight In New York

A Muslim woman wearing an Islamic dress is set alight whilst walking past a upmarket boutique

Loation of the attack, Google Street View

A 36-year-old Muslim woman from Scotland was wearing Islamic attire whilst walking down 5th avenue in manhattan, New York, when she was set alight by a man using lighter in a suspected hate crime.

The incident occurred at 9pm on Saturday 10th September, whilst the Muslim tourist was window shopping outside of Valentino flagship store on Fifth Avenue. 

Police reports indicate that the Muslim woman stated she felt a heat on her arm, she looked and saw that her blouse was set one fire. She saw her attacker pull a lighter away, and walked away without saying anything to the victim.

The woman doused the flame by waving her arm, whilst the male suspect fled the scene.

New York Police Department ae currently investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

Fortunately, the Muslim lady was not badly hurt in the incident.