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Tips On Going To Umrah With Kids

Tips every Muslim should know before performing their pilgrimage to Mecca with children

During this holy trip, many pilgrims become a bit sceptical about taking their children since at a point men and women are separate, women are usually given the duty to take care of the kids. The fact is, taking children along on the Umrah trip is not that difficult as long as these tips are followed. Keep few things in mind regarding handling your kids and you can easily fulfill your duties towards Umrah.

The Kaaba in Mecca, Fadi El Binni/CCBY

Umrah is the life-long desire for every Muslim and an Umrah trip needs to be perfect. There are a set of rules for both men and women going for Umrah. For women, Umrah is allowed for them only if their Mehram (a male relative) is accompanying them. But at Masjid An-Nabawi and Masjid Al Haram, they are separated from the man who accompanies them.

Things to Consider

It's beneficial to talk to your children about the importance of Umrah and why things are done as they are supposed to. Taking smaller kids will not be daunting as there are other kids all around.

Not only adults, vaccination is essential for children too. Whether infants, children or adults it is mandatory for everyone to get vaccinated. Children in between the age of 2-15 years need to get polio and meningitis vaccination.

The dress up of the children is an important part of the travel. Garments that are attracting and western kind of dresses should be avoided. For smaller kids, their day to day clothes will do. Kids above 6 years, can wear the white Ihraam sheet.

Carry some toys to keep kids busy while you visit the mosque. Toys such as dolls and any figures shaped toy should be avoided as they represent an idol. Electronic items also should not be given as these gadgets are taken away at the gate.

People often lose their shoes at the gates and it can be difficult for kids to lose their shoes. Carry the shoes in a bag and take them inside.

You can get snacks for kids, in case they get hungry. Carry a tiny bottle to fill it with zam-zam water.

Since these places are crowded, one must remember that kids should not be out of sight. It is quite important to hold the kids close, hold their hands and keep eye on their movement. Arrangements can be made with another couple while you enter to pray. Many tie a tether around the small kid while entering the mosque to pray so that the kid can roam around and still be linked to the parent.

There are numerous activities and site-seeing that can be done during this trip. After the Sabah prayer, they can feed the birds. In the Masjid An Nawab, there are classes for kids as the Maghrib and Asr prayers.

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Jasmin Khan from Sam Travel & Tours