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Man Demands Removal Of Hijab Wearing Woman's Image

A man has voiced a complaint regarding an advertisement displayed on the side of a car showing a Muslim woman wearing a hijab

Pioneer Library System
Pioneer Library System in Norman, Google Street View

Chad Grensky from Norman, Oklahoma has issued a complaint towards the Pioneer Library System after seeing a hijab-wearing woman on the side of one of their vehicles.

Chad has argued that the Hijab is a religious item and tax payers money should not be used to promote a religion, as he stated on Facebook, "We aren't allowed to display a cross but on the vehicles provided by the state of Oklahoma we can promote Islam / Muslims with tax payers money. Where are the Christians, Jews, Catholics etc. No, we the tax payers are funding and promoting Islam."

Pioneer Library System Hijab
Pioneer Library System's hijab-wearing Muslim, Chad Grensky/Facebook

Executive Director of Pioneer Library Systems Ann Masters defended their decision to have the picture of the hijab-wearing women and told NewsOK: "There are a total of 20 different images that demonstrate young people and older people, people of different cultures and races. Each image is unique and different. What they have in common is that they all have either a book or an iPad or something seen to be the use of a service of the library."

Ann Masters further argued Pioneer Library Systems decision to include people of all genders, ethnicity, cultural backgrounds and faiths, stating "the library welcomes people with each of these ties to the community. We didn't intend to promote any religious belief and we don't think we did. We don't view the image as an endorsement or disapproval of any religious belief."

CAIR(Council on Islamic-American Relations) has spoken in defense of the Pioneer Library System and praised their choice to promote diversity and equality, they are strongly urging the public library to keep displaying the image.