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French Michelin Starred Restaurant Refuses To Serve Muslim Woman

French Restaurant Le Cenacle refuses to serve Muslim customers because 'all Muslims are terrorists'

Shocking footage has surfaced on social media of two Muslim women wearing the hijab being kicked out of Le Cenacle in Tremblay-en-France, after a harsh exchange of words by the restaurant owner who claims, “The terrorists are Muslim and all Muslims are terrorists.”

The incident in France comes during a time where tensions between Muslims and Non-Muslim are at an all time high.

Le Canacle
Le CanacleArturo Sottolichio

Two Muslim women went to LeCanacle, a restaurant which was included in 2016 Michelin guide. The women were seated at their table, soon after a man who is reported to be the restaurant owner rushes out of the kitchen and marches towards the Muslim women.

He tells the women that he doesn't want them to eat in his restaurant, the women reply that they, “do not wish to be served by a racist.”  A tirade of words are exchanged, the restaurant owner states, “The terrorists are Muslim and all Muslims are terrorists… They recently killed a priest. This is a secular country and I have a right to an opinion… I don’t want people like you here. Full stop.”

Le Canacle racist comments
Le Canacle owner doesn't hold back in front of the women, Verdant Servant/Youtube

He then tells the women to “get out”,  One of the Muslim women reply, “don’t worry, we’re leaving”.

Le Parisien reported after the footage was released the restaurant owner was interviewed by the police, in suspicion of "Racial Discrimination".

Since the video went public the restaurant owner approached the restaurant owner and demanded an apology for his actions, the restaurant owner has since publicly apologized, stating “I spoke out of turn and I apologize, I have a friend who died in the Bataclan attacks and wrongly mixed everything up. I do not truly believe the things I said, my comments did not reflect what I really think.”