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Public Humiliation For Muslims At Hindu Festival

A Hindu Gang forced Muslims to do squats after they refused to donate enough money at a Hindu festival

Eleven Muslim migrant workers underwent a public punishment in Pune, India, by a gang who work for the local government, after they could not donate enough money to fund Ganeshotsav, a Hindu festival.

The eleven Muslims, who were aged between 20 and 30 years old, were workers at a bakery. Reports have verified that they were requested to pay 100 rupees ($1.50, £1.10) to fund Ganeshotsav which lasts for 11-days, the workers could not pay the total amount so they decided to only pay 50 rupees ($0.75, £0.60).

Squats for Muslim workers
Workers performing the humiliating punishment, Tv9 Marathi

The Hindu gang which calls itself, Shri Ram Ganesh Mandal, forced the bakery workers to perform squats while they recorded the humiliating punishment and soon after published it online as a warning to others.

Many of the workers have since fled the city of Pune after the video went viral. the workers have suspected to have fled almost 1,500km north-west to Uttar-Pradesh, their home state.

Assistant Police Inspector Mahesh Swam told IndiaTimes, "We have booked three members of the Ganesh Mandal but haven't yet arrested them. The offense is bailable. A notice has been issued to the three to be present in court on Monday to secure bail.”