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Man Arrested For Beating Student In Mosque

A man has been arrested after beating a student with a shoe leaving him with several welts

Canton Mosque
Masjid Bilal Mosque, Google Street View

Hobibur Rahman, 65, has been arrested for attacking a 10-year-old student with a dangerous weapon, suspected to be a shoe, at the Masjid Bilal Mosque, located in Canton, Michigan.

Hobibur Rahman, who lives in nearby town Hamtramck, was a volunteer bus driver at the mosque, he would aid the students from getting to the mosque and would drop them back home, he is also noted in contributing in odd jobs around the mosque.

The Bilal Mosque attorney, Khalid Kahloon, told FOX2, "People use him to transport their children back and forth, and every now and then he would do gardening, mow the lawn, water the grass."

Mr. Rahman was picking his son up from the mosque where he found out his son had a fight with the ten-year-old victim. Mr. Rahman assaulted the ten-year-old student with a dangerous weapon, suspected to be a shoe. The 10-year-old student was left with several welts from the incident. A portion of the attack was caught by surveillance cameras at the mosque.

Hobibur Rahman
Hobibur Rahman, Canton Police Department

After the Canton police department got a hold of the footage, Hobibur Rahman handed himself into the police on Monday, 15th August, he is currently been held on a $10,000 bond. His trial date is set to occur on the 26th of August.

Hobibur Rahman has been banned from the mosque as they take a zero tolerance stance on crimes committed against children.