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Social Experiment Of A Muslim Being Abused

Youtuber/Blogger Fahim Miah tries to see if the public would come to his aid if he was racially abused whilst praying

Fahim Miah and his friend Kennedy Click, 20 conduct a social experiment where Kennedy racially/religiously abuses Fahim while he prays to see if members of the public would aid a Muslim in distress.

The social experiment occurred in a busy area in Cardiff, Wales. The first part of the part takes place on the pavement where Fahim lays down his prayer mat and begins to pray. Half-way through Fahim's prayer Kennedy is seen approaching and begins to ask Fahim "What are you doing? What is this?" he waves his hands in front of Fahim trying to distract him and get the attention of passersby. He then calls over two men in conversation with one another and asks them "what's he doing?" the man replies "I’d imagine he’s praying."

Kennedy begins to get more aggressive towards Fahim whilst he's praying as the men tell him to stop. Kennedy begins to argue with a man and women as he exclaims "is he not a terrorist?!"

Kennedy carries on the abuse as the men try and pull him off to one side in an attempt to settle the situation. He then hilariously asks the men whilst pointing at Fahim's hat and asking "what is that a sock?" The scene ends with Kenedy calling Fahim a sock head.

Fahim Praying
Fahim & Kennedy, Fahim Miah/Youtube

The second scene occurs outside the entrance to St David’s Dewi Sant shopping centre, Fahim lays his prayer mat near an open grassy area. Kennedy starts the experiment by asking a lady sitting nearby what he's doing she answers saying that he's Muslim. Kennedy goes off in an aggressive manner towards Fahim as the lady tries to stop Kennedy. The lady tells him not to interrupt him while Fahim prays.

She tells Kennedy,"Just like if someone is a Christian and they pray in churches, he's allowed to pray there." Kennedy walks away asking her if he's a terrorist, the lady calls Kennedy a terrorist.

A third scene occurs where Kennedy abuses and steals Fahim's bag and no one aids Fahim despite their being a large number of onlookers.

Fahim states at the end that he was amazed at how people stood up for him despite what we see in the media