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Third Burkini Ban Strikes France

French-Muslim women face another Burkini ban after a clash between north African teenagers and tourists causes riots


A third burkini ban is enforced after the Mayor of Cannes and the Mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet officially declared a ban on the modest beachwear for beaches in their respected districts. 

Mayor of Sisco in Corsica, Pierre-Ange Vivoni, implemented a new burkini ban for beaches in his town after fights erupted between local youths and families of North African descent. 

Burkini, Giorgio Montersino/CCBY

The initial fight began after a tourist took pictures of a Muslim woman wearing a burkini while sunbathing, the lady protested of the photo being taken, local teenagers came to the defense of the photographing tourist, sparking the clash.

Members of the north African families used hatchets and harpoons to attack the local youths. The teenager's parents became involved in the fighting where a mass brawl broke out causing five to be injured.

Families of local youths began burning cars and slashing tires belonging to North Africans, three cars were burned in total.

The incident caused a mass protest involving 500 people, they gathered in an attempt to walk on the north African/Muslim areas of the city. The 100 police officers were deployed and stopped the protest

No arrests have been made since the violence began. The Cosican Mayor, Pierre-Ange Vivoni, stated, "nothing to do with racism, it’s about protecting people’s security."