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Muslim Women Sues Police For Ripping Off Her Hijab

A Muslim woman sues the Chicago police department after six officers allegedly strip her of her headscarf

Itemid Angel Al-Mattar
Itemid Angel Al-Mattar being arrested, Surveillance Footage

Itemid "Angel" Al-Matar, a 32-year-old Saudi student, has filed a federal lawsuit against the Chicago police department and the city of Chicago, Illinois after six officers allegedly ripped off her hijab whilst she was walking upstairs at a Chicago train station.

The incident occurred on 4th July 2015 whilst Angel was making her way home to break her fast for Ramadan. Surveillance footage caught the incident of the police officers approaching Ms. Al-Matar, who at the time was suspected of being a terrorist.

The police officers were seen grabbing the Itemid from behind, pushing her to the ground and making an arrest.

Ms. Al-Matar was charged with resisting arrest and reckless conduct. The trial concluded with Angel being found not guilty in June 2016. 

She has since filed a lawsuit against the six officers involved. A statement released by CAIR regarding the incident details "Angel, a young Muslim woman trying to catch the train home, was physically assaulted, harassed, publicly strip-searched, humiliated, and falsely arrested by several police officers from the Chicago Police Department.".

Ms. Al-Matar, after enduring the public humiliation, being stripped of her clothing and being falsely accused, spent a night in a jail cell.

Chicago Police department have since declined to comment on the harrowing events.