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Mosque With Only Female Imams Opens In Denmark

Named the Mariam Mosque opens it doors in Denmark, catering primarily fo the needs of female Muslims

Sherin Khankan
Sherin Khankan, Elias Rama/Interfaith Dialogue

The new mosque called the Mariam mosque also known as "the women-led mosque" has opened in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been noted for making new strides for sisters in Islam by providing a separate place for worship for women.

The project has been founded and led by Muslim feminist, Sherin Khankan, she has called the formation of the mosque a "Feminist project". Sherin, who was born in Denmark to a Syrian father and a Finnish mother, told the Danish newspaper Politiken why she began the project, stating she,"never felt at home in the existing mosques".

She has stated that younger females tend not to go into mosques and the opening of the female led mosque will help provide a new opportunity for them to do so.

The mosque has faced criticism from more conservative parts of the community, Sherin has struck back by expressing. "Many imams in this country belong to the traditional school which does not account for the culture we live in. Instead, they help to construct contradictions between being a practicing Muslim and a young person in Denmark. But you can love and honor several cultures and influences at once without betraying one or the other camp"

The actual location of the mosque other than being cited as located in Copenhagen is a complete mystery. A few searches could not find the location of the mosque. A few papers reported that the location of the mosque was not being revealed as to stop Islamophobic attacks but these reports have since been found to be untrue. 

Although it is a female-only mosque, men will be allowed to make prayers inside the mosque but for Friday prayers the mosque will be only open for women, if they can find it that is.

The Mariam mosque isn't the only female led mosque of its kind as there are many around the world below is footage from a Women only mosque which opened in Los Angeles.