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Muslim Olympian Loses But Makes History

Ibtihaj Muhammad has made history competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics but sadly has been knocked out of the running for a medal

Ibtihaj Muhammad
Ibtihaj Muhammad, U.S. Embassy London/CCBY

Ibtihaj Muhammad an Olympic saber fencer from Maplewood, New Jersey. has gained fame and notoriety as being the first US Olympian to compete whilst wearing the hijab.

Ibtihaj fought it out against competitors from around the world at their physical peak and was able to win her first 2 matches against her fellow rivals.

She lost her recent match against French fencer Cecilia Berder in the 2016 Rio Olympics but has made her mark in history as being the first American hijab-wearing athlete.

The loss means she has been knocked out of the running for the much-coveted individual medal but still has a chance to win a medal in a team based women's team saber competition later during the Olympics.

Regardless of her wins or losses she has opened the doors for more hijab-wearing US athletes to be encouraged to compete at the highest levels.