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Is This New Jersey Town Bigoted? Rejects Mosque

A New Jersey town has been accused of bigotry after rejecting plans to build a mosque in the community

Bernards Mosque
Rejected planned mosque in Bernards

The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge submitted plans in 2011 to build a 4,250 square foot mosque in the suburban town of Bernards located in New Jersey. As of recent the plans to construct the mosque has been rejected  by town planning officials.

Mohammad Ali Chaudry founder of ISBR and former mayor of Bernards has filed federal civil rights suit accusing members of the planning board of religious discrimination towards the towns' Muslim residents.

The destined site of the mosque was on the quiet leafy road of 124 Chruch street where ISBR purchased 4 acres of land in preparations to construct the mosque. 33 residents put a wrench in the works as they have come out and  complained at proposals to build the religious center 

One of the reasonings behind the rejection is believed to be based on the increase in traffic.

The town of Bernards has 27,000 residents and is an hours drive away from New York City, currently, doesn't have a mosque. The closest mosque is Islamic Center of Plainfield  in the neighboring town of Plainfield. The locals have been using the local community center to perform their Friday prayers. 

Lawyers for ISBR have struck out at the federals in charge of the plans and accused them of bigotry.