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Army Vet Threatens To Cut Heads Off Muslims

A Watauga mosque was left a threatening voicemail message by man claiming to be an army veteran

Watauga Mosque
Watauga Masjid Al-Sahaabah, IAFW

Watauga Masjid Al-Sahaabah based in Watauga, Texas received threats from an alleged military veteran via their voicemail.

The message was left over the weekend at 12 o'clock on Saturday, 6th August. 

The message left by the irate caller states that he lives in the-the same city of Watauga and claims that he is an Army Veteran. The angry man begins his tirade of hate by stating that he is opposed to the implementation of sharia law in his neighborhood, state and country.

He goes on to claim that there are many other just like him who are "willing to stand up to your b*******".

He continues his verbal tirade and begins to shout expletives towards the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and Islam. He proudly exclaims “This is America! If you don't like the way we do s*** get the f*** out."

He claims that himself and his other military brother are "heavily armed to the teeth".

After another verbal assault, he claims that he will cut the heads off of Muslims who don't stay in their lane.

He ends the message by announcing, “I'm a Christian and let me tell you, I'm your f****** enemy, I hate you and you will never be your f****** friend. We will cut all of your heads off. Do you understand me? All of you."

Mujeeb Khalil, a member of the Watauga Masjid board of directors, told WFAA, “We feel threatened by these calls. And I don’t know what this brother is mad about.”

The mosque reported the incident to Watauga Police, Dallas FBI who are helping to protect the Muslim community and  combining their efforts to investigate the threats further.