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The Hijabi Bank Robber

A woman wearing an Islamic Headscarf was caught on CCTV robbing a bank

Dearborn Federal Credit Union
Dearborn Federal Credit Union, Google Street View

Not something you see every day, it seems that this hijabi has fallen on hard times and has decided to take on a new occupation as a bank robber, or it could be someone in a disguise.

Hijabi Bank Robber
Hijabi Bank Robber in DFCU, Dearborn Police Department

The hijabi was spotted entering Dearborn Federal Credit Union(DFCU), located at 21551 Oakwood, Dearborn, Michigan, at 3.30pm on Monday, 1st August. 

The hijabi walked into the bank and towards the bank teller, the suspect passed the teller a threatening note.

The suspect has been described as a white female, the police are unsure if the lady wears the Islamic headscarf regularly or if it's being used as a disguise.

Hijabi Bank Robber
Hijabi Bank Robber in Monroe Bank & Trust in Taylor, Taylor Police Department

The police believe the robbery is connected with a two other bank robberies conducted by a hijabi, one of which occurred at a bank in Dearborn heights and another at Monroe Bank & Trust in Taylor, Michigan on the 23rd of June, where the hijabi passed a note claiming she had a bomb.

The police investigating the crime are asking the public to come forth and help identify the woman. Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad stated, “With help from the community, we will identify the suspect, and use all available resources to apprehend this individual.”