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#meninhijab, Iranian Men Protest

Husbands, fathers, and brothers are wearing the hijab in protest for hijabs forced modesty policy

Iranian men have come out in support of women who are forced to wear hijabs, mostly due to the recent crackdown by the morality police.

Covering the head was made mandatory for women in Iran after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. women who do not wear the hijab in pubic are breaking the law and can face time in jail or pay a large fine.

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In recent times there has been an increased presence of the morality police in big cities such as Tehran. Where  the morality police are ordered to judge the modesty of women, fo example they check if women are wearing their hijab correctly or if they have too much makeup on.

The movement was ignited by My Stealthy Freedom, a Facebook page, which is notorious for posting  images of Iranian women in public not wearing a head covering.