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Troll Threatens To Burn Mosque, Arrested

Patrick Keogan made threats to burn a mosque on its facebook page and encouraged harming Muslims

Patrick Keogan's Facebook threat
Patrick Keogan's Facebook threat, screenshot

44-year-old Facebook troll, Patrick Keogan, Wilmington, Massachusetts, is currently being held without bail at for posting an Islamophobic picture, depicting a burning mosque reading "burn your local mosque" and left a message reading "Hello scumbags" with a smiley face emoji on the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center's Facebook page.

Patrick Keogan made the original post back on November 14th, 2015 during the time of the Paris attacks.

Patrick Keogan
Facebook Troll: Patrick Keogan, Facebook Picture

The mosque made a criminal complaint of Patrick's picture and message. The District Attorney's office issued a warrant to search Patrick's Facebook account where they found more derogatory slurs against Muslims. 

It was discovered that he left several other epithets on facebook pages including the Islamic Society of Northeastern University Facebook page. Patch reported, he made a comment regarding arson attack on a Missouri Islamic Center, “Somewhere out there is an unknown hero. The people’s champion. A true God amongst mortal men. May your days be many & troubles be few my good man.” He has also been involved in leaving threatening comments against Muslims dating back till 2013.

Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center
Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, Google Street View

Keogan is a convicted felon who is prohibited from owning firearms but throughout investigations conducted via Facebook it was revealed "he continued to buy, sell, trade, build, modify, possess and shoot firearms and ammunition."

Police placed a tracker on Patrick's vehicle and discovered he purchased  two boxes of 8mm rifle ammunition, two bags of loose 8mm rifle ammunition and brought them to his home.

Keogan has subsequently been arrested and is due to appear in court. He could face and estimated 10 years in prison aswell as fines numbering up to $250,000.