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Elderly Muslim Threatened By Hate Crime

An elderly man has been told to "Go Home" through graffiti scrawled on his auto repair shop

hate filled grafitti
Hate-filled graffiti, Nye County sheriff’s office

An auto repair shop located in Pahrump, Las Vegas, has been defaced with anti-Islamic graffiti. 

Police noticed the spray painted walls at approximately 4:30pm on Sunday 24th July, the graffiti read racist/Islamophobic words and phrases directed at the business owner, 61-year-old, Waqar Ahmed.

Review journal reported, that Waqar Ahmed was not at his business as he was suffering from illness due to the severe heat, he was contacted by the Nye County sheriff’s office regarding the hate-filled graffiti.

The graffiti involved racial slurs and derogatory phrases such as; "Foreigner, Go Home!", "Camel Jockey", "Go Home, Turbinator, Curry Muncher", "I Will Get You!" and "Go Home Indian"

Waqar Ahmed who is a Muslim originally from India has been living in the USA for over 30 years. The auto repair shop owner, lives with his 82-year-old mother, who suffers from dementia has said that this is not the first time they have been subject to Islamophobia, as he had received a threatening phone call a month prior, where the person said he would kill Waqar if he didn't go back to the third world country, from where he came from.

Mr. Ahmed filed a complaint against the Pahrump resident but it was lifted after Waqar failed to appear in court a month later.

Waqar has got in contact with CAIR(Council on American-Islamic Relations) regarding the most recent incident and they have pressured federal and state authorities to investigate the hate crime further.