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Germany Struck By 3 Terrorist Attacks In 3 Days

Germany has seen a trio of atrocities occur over the weekend

The shooting at the shopping mall

Ali Sunboly
Ali Sunboly, Bild

In Munich, Germany on Friday the 22nd July, a teenage gunman, named Ali Sunboly opened fire at the Olympia shopping centre. 

An 18-year-old of Iranian descent, who has German citizenship entered the shopping mall at approximately, 6pm, and began shooting his victims outside of a McDonalds before moving into the Olympia shopping centre, 9 people were shot and killed whilst 15 were left injured from the attack.

Whilst the gunman opened fire on his victims he was reportedly heard shouting "I am German"

The teenager killed himself at the scene.

Refugee hacks pregnant woman to death

Syrian refugee pregnant attack
Knife wielder arrested, Twitter

The second incident occurred at approximately 4.30pm on Sunday the 24th July, in  the city of Reutlingen, Germany. 

A Syrian refugee, 21 who was working at a kebab stand attacked his pregnant polish coworker, 45 after an argument broke out. The 21-year-old attacked the pregnant lady, who worked at the eatery as a cleaner,  outside of the restaurant.

He went on to attack a 51-year-old woman who was left with cuts on her arm and slashed a 23-year-old man's face.

A man driving a BMW stopped the knife wielder in his path after running him over. The police arrived and arrested the 21-year-old.

The pregnant woman died of her injuries

Suicide bomber in wine bar

Eugene Winebar
Eugene Winebar,

On Sunday evening at approximately 10.30pm at a wine bar named Eugene's Weinstube, located in the city of Ansbach, Germany, a suicide bomber, 27,  left 12 people seriously injured, three of whom were in critical condition.

The suicide bomber is reported to be a Syrian asylum seeker who had been living in Germany for 2 years and was denied asylum  one year a year ago but remained in the country.

The suspect waited outside the wine bar after being rejected entrance to Ansbach Open music festival, moments after he began standing outside of the wine bar the bomb detonated.

The suspect had a history of suicide attempts and was once placed in psychiatric care  in a hospital.