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Jobseeker Rejected Due To Her Hijab

Muslim woman was told ‘not to bother applying’ when handing in her CV at a Jewelry Store

A Muslim woman faced religious discrimination when applying for a position as a retail assistant at Auckland, New Zeland based jewelers named the New Lynn Stewart Dawsons.

On July 9th, Mona Alfadli, 25, went to the jewelry store to hand in her resume for the retail assistant position at the shop, she approached her prospective manger to enquire about the position. The NZHerald reported, the manager told the Kuwaiti refugee,  ‘Don’t waste your time and don’t waste my time.’

Mona Alfadli is computer science graduate who had struggled to find work, she expressed that she was afraid of rejection and the incident left her in a state of embarrassment.

Mona Alfadil
Mona Alfadil, NZHerald

Despite the manager's harsh words, Mona is staying strong to her faith and beliefs, announcing "I can do any job, I don’t mind, But I will keep my hijab, I will keep my identity, and respect my culture and my religion.’

The company made an official statement regarding the matter and denounced the actions of the manager and requested Mona come back for a second interview, presented by MailOnline the statement read, "‘Stewart Dawsons is an equal opportunity employer and we do not discriminate on any grounds. We apologize sincerely to Ms. Alfadli and have invited her back for a second interview.’