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Muslim Publicly Shamed And Removed From Plane

An American Airlines flight attendant called out a Muslim Passenger's name and said ‘I'll be watching you’ before removing him from the flight

American Airlines

Mohamed Ahmed Radwan, a 40-year-old chemical engineer, was publicly shamed when a flight attendant read out his seat number and his full name before announcing "I'll be watching you" over the intercom. A few moments after the flight attendants outburst she removed the man from the flight. 

Mohamed boarded the plane which was traveling from Charlotte, North Carolina to Detroit, Michigan on Sunday, 6th December 2015.

He arrived on the plane and began to walk towards his seat before the flight attendant announced via the intercom, "Mohamed Ahmed, Seat 25-A, I will be watching you." A couple of moments later when he was seated she repeated "Mohamed Ahmed, that is a very long name, Seat 25-A, I will be watching you." Not letting up,  the flight attendant who has not been named repeated for the third time, "25-A: you will be watched."

No other passenger received any mention on the intercom, so Mr. Radwan decided to ask the flight attendant why she had mentioned his name, she replied, saying that he was being "too sensitive".

Mr. Radwan was then asked to leave the plane as he was making the air stewardess "uncomfortable".

Mr. Radwan explained the incident in a letter to Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) who forwarded the letter to the Department of Transportation(DOT) who are being urged to take the matter very seriously as it is illegal to remove a passenger off of a plane based on their religion, race and national origin.