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Cair Handout Islamophobin Gum Outside Of Rnc

CAIR hand out chewing gum to treat islamophobia outside of the Republican National Convention

Islamophobin, @JasonWhitely/Twitter

The Muslim advocacy group CAIR (The Council on American–Islamic Relations), handed out anti-islamophobia chewing gum outside of the Republican National Convention(RNC) on Monday the 18th of July.

The RNC is an annual convention where supporters and members of the Republican party meet and hold a large press conference which features various speakers, who orate the future of the party,  this year the event occurred at Quicken Loans Arena located in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Members of CAIR stood outside and held their own convention where they handed out Islamophobia to attendees. Islamophobin is a satirical product packaged as a chewing gum which claims to be a multi-symptom relief for Islamophobia.  Islamophobin claims to treat: Blind Intolerance, Unthinking Bigotry, Irrational Fear of Muslims, U.S. Presidential Election Year Scapegoating and Spread love.

Islamophobin comes in a package of 12 gums and can be purchased on Amazon.