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A Positive Push For The Hijab In The Workplace

An EU court advisor has stated that asking an employee to remove her headscarf is discriminatory

European Court of Justice
European Court of Justice, Katarina Dzurekova/CCBY

The news has risen after a french Muslim IT consultant, Asma Bougnaoui, was fired from Micropole SA after wearing a hijab, the case was taken to trial at the European Court of Justice after being referred from a French Court.

The employee who worked at the French IT consultancy was told that she had to remove her hijab when meeting clients, after some clients complained of her wearing her headscarf, Asma Bougnaoui refused to do so and subsequently was fired from her position.

The trial has been propelled to be more favourable for Muslim women after a court advisor deemed telling a Muslim woman to remove her headscarf as discriminatory, after stating 'considers that a company policy requiring an employee to remove her Islamic headscarf when in contact with clients constitutes unlawful direct discrimination.'

This new comes after a similar incident when European Court of Justice began handling a case from Belgian of a trial where a Muslim woman was dismissed for wearing a headscarf whilst working for G4S.

Asma Bougnaoui trial is will hear a final ruling at a later date but it is a positive note for European Muslim women wearing a hijab in the workplace.