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Go Home! You're Not Welcome Here

Muslim Family in Lacock England allegedly told to go home by a white woman

In Lacock, a small village in the rural area of Wiltshire, England has been struck with Islamophobia as a white woman walking with her husband is being accused of telling a family , "you're not welcome here! go home".

Lacock anti Islam lady
"you're not welcome here!", DOAM/Facebook

As the UK enters the Post-referendum age, after leaving the EU,  more Muslims have experienced an increasing amount of Anti-Islamic sentiment, such as this lady who felt comfortable enough to insult this man and his family.

The perpetrator is being recorded by the victim as she tries to walk away from the sight of the camera phone, she denies allegations of insulting the Muslim man and his family whilst the man recording is audibly angry by the woman's alleged words.

The Muslim man quips at the lady nearing the end of the video, "Look at the state of you and you comment on me", as she walks away with,a small smile on her face as her husband follows behind her.