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2 Muslim Teens Beaten Outside Brooklyn Mosque

Surveillance footage shows the attack of two Muslim teens on Sunday Morning

Reports from the Facebook page Muslims Giving Back indicate two teenage members of Muslim Community Center of Brooklyn, located in New York, were viciously beaten in the early hours of Sunday morning, during the time of Taraweeh. 

Buzzfeed News reported, the two teenage boys were attending the mosque, at 1:18 the two teenage boys left to get a snack and were coming back when they saw a suspicious vehicle parked with tinted windows. The boys saw a girl inside the vehicle who seemed like she was in need of aid and they asked if she needed help.

Brooklyn Mosque
Location of the attack, Google Street View

A man ran across the street and attacked one of the teenage boys punching and stomping him, the second boy ran away, as he ran he heard the attacker shout "you f****ing terrorist". The second boy came back to assist his injured friend when he was punched to the ground by the assailant.

The attack was heard by the congregation inside the mosque, a couple of the members went out to check on the noise, when the assailant noticed more people exiting the mosque he ran away.

The Muslim teenage boy who was attacked first was the only victim to be interviewed by the NYPD, the police later reported that the attack is not being handled as a hate crime, which has frustrated members of the mosque.