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Halal Butchers Petrol Bombed

A halal butcher shop in Walsall has been attacked with a petrol bomb

Kashmir Meat & Poultry before the attack
Kashmir Meat & Poultry before the attack, Google Street View

The petrol bomb attack at a halal butcher shop, Kashmir Meat & Poultry, located in Walsall, UK, occurred on Monday 27th of June.

The police report states that the incident occurred in broad daylight at 5.25PM, as a 6ft tall white man wearing a blue jacket entered the shop carrying a bottle containing petrol.

The man lit the bottle of petrol and threw it at a staff member, the bottle exploded on impact engulfing the store in a fire.

Kashmir Meat & Poultry after the attack
Kashmir Meat & Poultry after the attack, @sadia.riaz/Instagram

The member of staff was able to escape the store, he suffered bruising and minor burns from the attack.

The police are currently looking for the arsonist and are reviewing the CCTV footage of the attack.

The Walsall police are currently keeping an 'open mind' policy regarding the attack and have ruled out the possibility of the arson being a hate-crime at this time.

UPDATE: below is CCTV footage of the assailant lighting the petrol bomb outside of the butcher shop.