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Car Set Alight Outside Of Perth Mosque

Hundreds of Muslims pray inside of Thornlie mosque as a car is set alight outside next to anti-Islam graffiti

Car ablaze outside Thornlie Mosque
Car ablaze outside Thornlie Mosque, @blackaliAli/Twitter

The incident occurred, Yesterday, on Tuesday night as hundred gathered to perform their Taraweeh prayers at Thornlie Mosque, located in Perth, Australia, a car was set alight, via a petrol bomb, outside and a wall was spray-painted with the words "F**k Islam".

A loud bang was heard by Muslims praying inside of the mosque as the car exploded, no one was injured during the explosion or the subsequent fire, the attackers have also presumed to have spray painted the wall with the anti-Islam rhetoric.

Witnesses told the Police that they saw three individuals run down a small side street after the explosion.

The mosque is also the location for the Thornlie Australian Islamic College, a teacher who works at the college and witnessed the hate-crime wrote on Facebook, "Thankfully our community won't start hating and playing blame games and singling out groups of people in our society. This, undoubtedly is a criminal act of hate, but it is the act of a person or group not the greater whole."

After the blaze,
After the blaze, Yahya Adel Ibrahim/Facebook

The police are requesting further information from the public to aid in their investigation, particularly on the aforementioned three runners after the explosion.