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Ramadan: Day 21

Exactly three weeks have passed since the start of Ramadan, how has it been for you?

Ramadan Day 21

It was really hot in the masjid last night, I asked the imam if the prayer room was air conditioned he replied "No, Its's prayer-conditioned", I'm still upset about it right now.

A German/Turkish family enjoy Iftar together

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Ok, you're healthier than me I get it!

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Fried eggs > Boiled eggs

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The sigh of relief when you notice that your roasted animal was headless... This time

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When your family member uses a pakora to take a picture

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I'll leaf this one alone

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Malaysian curries

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Food looks amazing but what is that? A teabag? Bruh

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Really nice meal but there is a higher chance of eating raw meat as people eating their Iftar might not be able to wait

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Amazing meal!

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Only dessert for Iftar, that's an idea

Whose dad's are these?

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