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Ramadan: Day 20

How was your 20th Iftar? does it compare to everyone else's?

Ramadan Day 20

The easiest part of the fast is to not eat or drink the hardest part of the fast is to see what other Muslims were eating and drinking the day before.

A table with mouth-watering food from Malaysia

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A variety of pastries at this table

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Buddhist's help Muslims in the holy month

An elegant Turkish spread consisting of veggies

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A Malaysian meal of beef soup curry, salted fish and fried shrimp

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A mass Iftar in Sarajevo, Bosnia

vegatable curry, sweet and sour chicken, fried mackerel and chicken satay

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A variety of fried foods accompanied with fresh fruit

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If you don't sit on the floor at least once for Iftar, your Ramadan doesn't count

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An assortment of Malaysian curries with the odd pasta dish

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A traditional Indian meal featuring English crumpets, LOL

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Why not Shell-out?

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