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Ramadan: Day 14

Two weeks completed, two more weeks to go!

Ramadan Day 14

The 14th day struck on a Sunday the perfect day to enjoy a meal with the family, let's see what everybody ate for their Iftar.

Fried food with BBQ meat and that's turkey bacon, for those wondering

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A simple but elegant Iftar

A photo posted by Chaat Masala (@chaatmasala) on

Great Iftar but maybe take the wrapping off the Ferrero Rocher first!

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A healthy Iftar

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A German family set their table for Iftar

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A variety of Morrocan breads & pastries

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Another Morrocan table for Iftar, this time with an assortment of mezes

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Turkish family enjoy their Iftar with traditional food

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One Solid Ummah are back in Syria on their mission to feed the hungry during Ramadan

A simple plate

An Indian Iftar, is that a fried sandwich!?

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Hard boiled eggs can be found on many Iftar tables around the world

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