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Ramadan: Day 10

We're already 1/3 of the way through Ramadan 2016!


By now every Muslim should be accustomed to not eating and drinking for the entire day, as Ramadan comes at ease for most Muslims.

We have pictures of people's Iftars below to build some excitement the next 20 days of Ramadan to come and make your current fast a little harder.

A traditional Pakistani feast of Achari Chicken curry, chicken biryani, potato samosas and freshly baked naan

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A bright and colourful assortment of dishes with fresh fruit taking the centre stage

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One Solid Ummah provide Iftar meals for villagers in Syria

Fried Food and fresh fruit, Iftar in a nutshell

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An Afghani platter to share, featuring a variety of small meze-esque dishes with sweet Jalebis in the middle

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A dish to dine for!

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Dishes that make people jealous

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An Indonesian meal of Nasi Ayam, a herby soup to the right and fried spring rolls at the top

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Various Malaysian dishes and Rolled noodles? Never seen that before

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