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Ramadan: Day 9

The days of varying degrees of stomach pains continues

Ramadan Day 9

From empty stomach pains to stomach bursting pains to dry mouths to bellies filled to the brim with liquid, the month of Ramadan holds your body hostage with conflicting feelings and sensations all in one day.

The table that tries to have everything, from pot roasts, to macaroni cheese, to a salad and a variety of fruits

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An appetizing plate of shrimp with skewers of kebabs

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Lebanese food: meatballs and rice with a plate of spring rolls

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A Moroccan Iftar table with an artichoke tagine taking centre stage, surrounded by plates of sweet and savoury snacks

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Meat and veg? nope, meat and fried veg, pastries filled with veg, samosas stuffed with veg, etc...

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A variety of Malaysian dishes on a banana leaf

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Indonesian food consisting of braised beef ribs, fried fish, soup, omelette and other treats

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A whole fish with rice, wait, is it looking at me?

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