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Ramadan: Day 7

7 days have passed since the start of Ramadan, how have you coped?

Ramadan day 7

Congratulations! You are one-quarter of the way till Eid. The first week of Ramadan has flown by and for me it has reminded me of the ease and luxury of my life whilst helping me emphasize with those less fortunate.

Well, that was that, now here's the food that Muslims ate for Iftar!

Family feast on a Malaysian Meal with Durian for desert

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An Iftar provided daily by the Darussalam Trust for the poor in Pakistan

An interfaith friendship iftar in Turkey, hosted by the Redmond United Methodist Church

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A sit-down meal

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What could beat fried samosas and Pakoras?

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Variety is the spice of life!

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A healthy Korean meal

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A sharing platter

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Fast-food and traditional cuisine

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