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How Did Muslims React To The Orlando Shooting?

What did Muslims have to say about the recent shooting at the Orlando gay nightclub?

Omar Mateen

On June 12th, Gunman Omar Mateen entered a gay nightclub named Pulse, in Orlando, Florida, shot and killed 50 civilians whilst maiming and injuring 53 others.

The uncovering of the religious faith of Omar has brought forth a troubled attitude towards Muslims by non-Muslims, as many terrorist attacks committed by Muslims do.

A way in which Muslims can separate themselves from those who commit these heinous acts is to show solidarity with those afflicted by the actions of the minority amongst our faith.

CAIR Florida
CAIR Florida

Muslim groups are showing support in various ways to the LGBT community in these troubled times, one group headed by CAIR Florida has started a donation page, through LaunchGood, where people can donate to the victims of the tragedy and raise money for the families of the victims who have passed away in the calamitous events. The organisation has been able to raise over $35,000 from 642 supporters, in just 24 hours of the catastrophic incident happening.

Other Muslims have shown their support via social media condemning the attacks and standing in solidarity with those afflicted by the tragedy.

A substantial amount of Muslims have stated that the times will be tougher for Muslims now that the shooting has occurred, whilst this is true, we should not be sympathetic to ourselves but our sympathy should go out to the victims of the shooting and their families first.