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Ramadan: Day 5

What did Muslims eat for iftar on the 5th day of Ramadan?

Ramadan Day 5

The hardest part of Ramadan is sitting at the table and waiting for 5 minutes before you can break your fast, this is sort of the online version of that, except that the wait is usually longer than 5 minutes.

Iftar served on top of a banana leaf

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A selection of Mezes

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The best way to have an Iftar, a bunch of starters

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A Turkish family enjoy their Iftar

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A Syrian family welcome friends to their Iftar table

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What could be better than meat?

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Too many choices!

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A Philipino family enjoy a hearty meal with a desert of chocolate cookie pie and ice cream

Alhamdulillah berbuka hari ke 5 ? Sayurasem,ayambakar,tahuisi,sambel,cookie pie with ice cream (beli ya bukan bikin sendiri) ???? #ramadanmubarak #iftarday5 #mycomfortfood #masuba1437h

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A variety of Indonesian dishes

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