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British Muslim Captures Islamophobic Rant

Another day and another Islamophobe is captured ranting on cam

The incident occurred on Saturday the 4th of June outside of a Morrison's shopping centre in Walthamstow London, England. Zubair Munsif, 32, a British-born Muslim  is told by the elderly Islamophobic man that he "dislikes all Muslims" as he recorded his rant.

The incident began after Zubair saw his uncle and greeted him outside of the store by saying "Salaam" to him, they had a very brief conversation as the uncle asks Zubair to keep him in his prayers.

Islamophobic man, Zubair Munsif/Facebook
Islamophobic man, Zubair Munsif/Facebook

The islamophobic elderly man saw the interaction between the two men and decided to let the duo know his inner feelings, he walked up to them and pointed and stated "are you Muslim?!", to which Zubair replied "Yes", the islamophobic man ranted "go back to where you came from. I hate Muslims" to both Zubair and his uncle.

Th islamophobic man carries on ranting whilst being recorded boasting to Zubair "We never had any terrorists until you lot was here". Zubair retorted that he thought his comment weren't very nice the elderly man quipped back "Of course it's not nice, but Muslims are not nice".

The conversation ends abruptly as the elderly man tries to walk away when he realises he is being recorded. Zubair notifies a manager at the end of the video of the elderly man's racist language and behaviour.

Zubair uploaded the footage to Facebook where the video has gone viral and been seen over 300,000 times.

In his Facebook post, Zubair blames scaremongering media and politicians to have brought increased tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims as he makes comparisons to when he was younger detailing that his race or faith was never an issue.

The elderly man has been banned from entering the Morrisons supermarket and Zubair has vowed to make a formal complaint to the police